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White Flight

The year is 2042, and all of America's white people have been transported to Canada -- except for a handful of emissaries left behind. Enter Dan (Matt Braunger), a struggling actor wholly unprepared for his new responsibilities. Witness his awkward struggle as he liaises between his neighbors and the suspiciously positive Dan Corporation he now works for (whether he likes it or not).

White Flight-1
White Flight-2
White Flight-3
White Flight-4
White Flight-5
White Flight-13
White Flight-12
White Flight-11
White Flight-10
White Flight-9
White Flight-8
White Flight-7
White Flight-6
White Flight-14
White Flight-15
White Flight-16
White Flight-17
White Flight-18
White Flight-19
White Flight-20
White Flight-21
White Flight-22
White Flight-23
White Flight-24
White Flight-25
White Flight-26
White Flight-27
White Flight-28
White Flight-29
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