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Goodbye Vesna

An American Film Institute Thesis

Written By Cristian Sulser and Corey Wilcox

Directed by Cristian Sulser

Produced by Nick Erickson

Production Design: Ella Thompson

Director of Photography: Eli Arenson 

GOODBYE VESNA  is a dark comedy about a cleaning woman, a bank robbery and the courage of living your own life. 


After the unexpected death of her husband, Vesna, a 60 year-old Romanian cleaning lady finds herself trapped in a miserable life in New York City. Following her family's traditions, she has to bring her husband's ashes back home to Romania. Strapped for cash and left on her own, the only solution she can see is stealing the money from her working place - the Manhattan Trust Bank, only to find the courage to say goodbye and start living her own life.

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Goodbye Vesna
Goodbye Vesna
Goodbye Vesna
Goodbye Vesna
Goodbye Vesna
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