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Cowboy Elektra

Encounter a dusty crossroads where California history and Greek tragedy collide. Set in a saloon in 1869, Elektra’s investigation of her father’s death leads to a tragic revenge plot against her mother. This modern, feminist tale explores cycles of violence and control, and features original songs, a mostly female ensemble, vintage puppetry, and multimedia. The Rogue Artists Ensemble debuts a visual, emotional collage that asks how much can we truly control our fate.

Commissioned and supported by the Getty Villa.

Rogue Artists Ensemble, 2020

Written by Meghan Brown 

Songs by Z. Lupetin
Composer: Adrien Prevost
Directed by Sean T. Cawelti
Choreography by Nate Hodges

Scenic Design by Sarah Crainin

Lighting Design by Joey Guthman

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