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A collection of sketches, shorts, and webseries I've worked on with Viacom for Comedy Central.

Webseries, 2016

Director: Nisha Ganatra

DP: Michelle Lawler

Features: Matt Braunger, Sam Trammell, & Sarah Burns 


Webseries, 2017

Director:  Laura Clery 

DP: Andrew Davis

Featuring: Laura Clery (Help Helen Smash, Idiot)


Webseries, 2019

Director: Laura Murphy

Featuring: Obama's Other Daughters

Webseries, 2017

Director: Sammi Cohen

Featuring: Molly Hawkey

download (2).jpg

Sketch, 2018

Director: Elise Holowicki

DP: Chris Darnell

Sketch, 2018

Director: Mike Bernstein

DP: Yuki Noguchi

Featuring: Biniam Bizouneh

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