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From a young age, travel and culture were cultivated into Elena's habits and perspectives.  She was sent to visit family in Honduras by herself at the age of 11, and from there a nomad was born.  Through her extensive travels as she grew older she became an avid observer of people, cultures, and communication.  It is the stories of the people she's met and so graciously observed that she wishes to portray on the stage and screen.  


The stories of our lives are the most compelling, and bringing life to the characters on the page is a joy and passion for Elena.  Her skills as a seamstress, first hand, and tailor were honed as an Allen Lee Hughes Fellow at Arena Stage in Washington, DC and her rendering and presentation skills were sharpened during her time acquiring a Master's of Fine Arts at CSU, Long Beach.  


Whether it be designing, constructing, or altering garments - Elena's passion for storytelling through costume shines through.  She lives to make art tangible every day.  

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